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date2cal / obsolete

PLEASE DONT USE THIS EXTENSION ANYMORE! Extends all backend date/datetime fields with a calendar in relation with a natural language parser. The usage in other extension is supported by an API.

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highly untested new version without any further support; if you want to maintain the extension, drop me a mail

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Stefan Galinski
Last update
03. Dec 2011
First upload
26. Sep 2006
  • erotea_date2cal
  • kj_becalendar


  1. Download ZIP file
  2. Log into your TYPO3 backend
  3. Go to Extension Manager module
  4. Press the upload button on the top bar
  5. Select the ZIP file and upload it. If you want to overwrite an existing extension installation, activate the checkbox.
  1. Download T3X file
  2. Log into your TYPO3 backend
  3. Go to Extension Manager module
  4. Press the upload button on the top bar
  5. Select the T3X file and upload it. If you want to overwrite an existing extension installation, activate the checkbox.

Version history

Version Upload comment Works with TYPO3 Download
8.0.0 / obsolete
December 03, 2011
highly untested new version without any further support; if you want to maintain the extension, drop me a mail Download ZIP Archive
7.3.1 / stable
January 12, 2010
added swedish and slovak language files; updated/fixed manual (new format); fix for missing cache directory Download ZIP Archive
7.3.0 / stable
December 11, 2009
4.3 compatibility, rewrite of the natural language parser, removed prototype dependency (!!!), lots of other small improvements and fixes Download ZIP Archive
7.2.0 / stable
November 13, 2008
see changelog/manual (!!!DATE FORMAT CHANGES IN THE API!!!) Download ZIP Archive
7.1.1 / stable
November 10, 2008
many bugfixes (see changelog for details) Download ZIP Archive
7.1.0 / stable
April 07, 2008
added attention to the extension configuration for calendars which are created by the API Download ZIP Archive
7.0.6 / stable
March 20, 2008
increased min. php version to 5.0.0; removed usage of XCLASS for the quickedit mode if TYPO3 version >= 4.2 Download ZIP Archive
7.0.5 / stable
March 18, 2008
fixed further problem with multiple date fields and datetime switching Download ZIP Archive
7.0.4 / stable
March 17, 2008
fixed a problem with normal date fields in the document if a datetime field was preceded Download ZIP Archive
7.0.3 / stable
March 07, 2008
fixed incorrect code for retrieving the image sources (Sorry @all! and big thanks to Jörg Sauskat for reporting) Download ZIP Archive
7.0.2 / stable
March 06, 2008
fixed problem with Trident and KHTML (Thanks to Sebastian Fischer); fixed problem with frontend related rendering (Thanks to Bastian Ahrens) Download ZIP Archive
7.0.1 / stable
March 02, 2008
fixed php warning; fixed some documentation issues Download ZIP Archive
7.0.0 / stable
February 28, 2008
refactoring, new API, new caching functionality, bugfixes, TYPO3 4.2 compatibility, better performance, see the changelog Download ZIP Archive
6.1.1 / stable
October 07, 2007
fixed first day of week support, fixed xhtml strict error, fixed formsonpage mode support Download ZIP Archive
6.1.0 / stable
August 10, 2007
first day of week support (thanks to Stano Paška) Download ZIP Archive
6.0.4 / stable
July 24, 2007
changed default calendar image, fixed flexform bug with sheet references (Thanks to René Fritz) Download ZIP Archive
6.0.3 / stable
June 14, 2007
fixed broken time insertion in relation with the natural language parsing feature Download ZIP Archive
6.0.2 / stable
May 24, 2007
fixed php error Download ZIP Archive
6.0.1 / stable
May 23, 2007
fixed load order problem by adding priority = bottom; fixed warning about missing file (error only in error logs visible) Download ZIP Archive
6.0.0 / stable
May 21, 2007
added natural language parsing extension, fixed flexform bug (fixes commerce ext compatibility problem; Thanks to Martin Holtz) Download ZIP Archive
5.1.1 / stable
April 19, 2007
- added option which disables the caching mechanism;
- fixed css skin checking code (Thanks to Tobias ROHRLE)
Download ZIP Archive
5.1.0 / stable
March 20, 2007
added themes for t3skin (Thanks to Tomas Mrozek) and skin_grey2 Download ZIP Archive
5.0.4 / stable
March 15, 2007
* fixed annoying cache problem (Thanks to Tomas Mrozek);
* fixed bug in not tabbed flexforms (Thanks to Kasper Ligaard);
* fixed TYPO3 3.8.x incompatibility regression (Thanks to Michel Krebs);
* fixed some small documentation glitches
Download ZIP Archive
5.0.3 / stable
January 23, 2007
flexform bugfix (thanks to Kasper Ligaard) Download ZIP Archive
5.0.2 / stable
January 05, 2007
fixed datetime config option bug for field starttime in TCA table pages Download ZIP Archive
5.0.1 / stable
January 04, 2007
fixed php4 error (Sorry!); fixed problem with alternative calendar image option Download ZIP Archive
5.0.0 / stable
January 03, 2007
added jscalendar integration class to offer ext authors the possibility to use the calendar in their own extensions; working example = date2cal Download ZIP Archive
4.0.2 / stable
November 28, 2006
added missing attention of TYPO3_CONF_VARS['EXT']['extCache'] Download ZIP Archive
4.0.1 / stable
November 17, 2006
fixed small performance issue Download ZIP Archive
4.0.0 / stable
November 14, 2006
added support for flexforms, increased performance, some small cleanups Download ZIP Archive
3.2.0 / stable
November 10, 2006
added config option to set own calendar images Download ZIP Archive
3.1.0 / stable
November 09, 2006
added user/group ts config option to activate "show secondary options (palette)" at every call Download ZIP Archive
3.0.5 / stable
November 07, 2006
fixed “Warning: Cannot modify header information” in some installations Download ZIP Archive
3.0.4 / stable
November 03, 2006
fixed clearCacheOnLoad Download ZIP Archive
3.0.3 / stable
October 31, 2006
fixed possible problem with twice loading of ext_tables.php Download ZIP Archive
3.0.2 / stable
October 26, 2006
fixed problem with default value in skin selection Download ZIP Archive
3.0.1 / stable
October 24, 2006
fixed support of quickedit mode if php4 is used Download ZIP Archive
3.0.0 / stable
October 20, 2006
caching mechanism to increase performance Download ZIP Archive
2.2.2 / stable
October 17, 2006
fixed problem with TYPO3 4.x (used var which is only accessible if you used tm_contentaccess and/or skin_grey2 too) Download ZIP Archive
2.2.1 / stable
October 09, 2006
fixed problem with phpmyadmin Download ZIP Archive
2.2.0 / stable
October 06, 2006
* supports quickedit mode now
* fixed problems with various language files
Download ZIP Archive
2.1.0 / stable
October 05, 2006
fixed problem with PHP4 (Sorry)
added support of TYPO3 3.8.1
please have a look at the manual
Download ZIP Archive
2.0.0 / stable
October 04, 2006
dropped usage of XClasses; see manual for further changes; special thanks to Bernhard Kraft and Peter Klein Download ZIP Archive
1.1.1 / stable
September 27, 2006
added support for PHP version 4.3 (below 4.0 not tested) Download ZIP Archive
1.1.0 / stable
September 26, 2006
added support for USdateFormat Download ZIP Archive
1.0.0 / stable
September 26, 2006
initial release Download ZIP Archive