Frequently asked questions

Here you can find FAQ regarding the TYPO3 extension repository.
If you have a question that is not showing up here, please contact the t3o team.

Why does my extension not appear in the list of recently updated extensions?

The extension index which acts as the data source for the list on typo3.org is only updated every few minutes, so you might have to wait a little longer.

I can't find extension XY - what's wrong?

Maybe you're looking for an extension key like "tx_address"? Then leave out the "tx_" prefix - that's a syntax used in TYPO3 internally. Make sure you're searching for the right extension key!

If all that still doesn't help, please get in contact with the t3o team.

How can I delete extension keys / extensions?

If you never uploaded an extension using a certain extension key, you can delete it using the extension key tool.

For reasons of integrity, you cannot delete used extension keys nor uploaded extensions. If your extension has a security issue, please contact the Security Team.

If you don't want to maintain your extension any more, you can transfer the extension key to the user "abandoned_extensions".

The extension key I want to have is still taken. What can I do?

There are two possibilities:

  1. If the owner has not uploaded any version of the extension, you can contact him and ask for the extension key. If there is no reaction by the owner, please get in contact with the t3o team.
  2. If the owner has uploaded minimum one version (you can find out by searching for the key), all you can do is offer a contribution.

I get a 500 server error when trying to upload an extension! What's wrong?

There are two possible causes for the 500:

  1. Please check that your extension is not bigger than 30MB (if you have big libraries in the extension think about composer)
  2. Your file ext_emconf.php has a field which is a concatenated string. Our PHP parser cannot parse it in the moment, so please don't concatenate.

If you are sure no point is throwing the 500 error, please contact the t3o team.

Although I uploaded a manual, it is not displayed at docs.typo3.org - why?

  1. Check that your documentation is located at the right place in your extension. That is ./Documentation/Index.rst or ./README.rst.
  2. If your documentation still is not rendered, there can be an syntax error in your reStructuredText.
    Warnings and errors will be saved to https://docs.typo3.org/typo3cms/extensions/YOUREXTKEY/warnings.txt, so take a look there.
    In addition you can use the extension sphinx to proof if everything is fine on your local system.
  3. Rendering takes time. The documentation is fetched cyclically by docs server

To get an introduction to reStructuredText take the sphinx extension as an example. Further more the format is well documented at sphinx-doc.org/rest.html.
In addition the documentation of the sphinx extension has further information.

I have problems with the reST format to document my extension - where can I get help?

On the page https://docs.typo3.org/Extensions/ you get a list of tools and workflows how to best document your extension in reST.

How downloads of extensions are counted?

The download counter of the TER for an extension is used by:

  • via TER / Extension Manager (non-composer mode)
  • via Download button (TER pages)

Downloads via TER (composer mode) or Packagist are (currently) not counted.

I'd like to stop maintaining an extension.

Transfer the extension to the user "abandoned_extensions". This way it's clear that there is no active maintainer anymore. If someone wants to take over the Extension Coordination Team can immediately transfer the key to the new maintainer.

An extension is owned by "abandoned_extensions". I don't want to maintain it, but I have some improvements.

Prepare an updated version and ask for reviews of community members in one of the mailing lists / newsgroups / forums. Post the results in the Extension Coordination Team list and we'll help you from that point.